Korean Cuisine with Chef Myung Sook Lee

Chef Myung Sook Lee is a respected authority on Asian cuisine and flavors. Her specialty is Korean Traditional & Royal Cuisine. She is also an expert in Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese cuisine. To every dining table, Chef Lee brings over 30 years of experience, insight, and knowledge in restaurant operations, teaching, consulting, and researching Asian cuisines.

Chef Myung Sook Lee

Chef Myung Sook Lee was born in Seoul, Korea. She was a protege of Hae Sung Hwang, a master of Korean Royal Cuisine, at the Korean Traditional & Royal Cuisine Institute in South Korea. Chef Lee graduated from the Tsuji Academy, a premier hotel & restaurant college in Japan. She completed her training at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley, California. Chef Lee has opened and maintained restaurants in Korea, Japan, and China and she is dedicated to spreading knowledge of healthy Korean food around the world. She is a consultant for major Asian food companies, universities, and the South Korean government, and she will be a visiting professor at Orange Coast College in Spring 2013.

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